MS European Production Distribution Automotive Group

Innovation and tradition have now one source Alliance of automotive OE and aftermarket producers

The scope of activities of the MS Automotive group is production and distribution of high-quality automotive components, capital investment and innovation development consulting services for OE and Aftermarket

Our products are available as OEM dedicated to first assembly as well following after market brands brand for aftermarket customers:

• MS-Germany
• MS Germany – HD Technology
•NeoMAG Terchnology
• Master-Sport Automobitechnik (MS) GmbH
• ICS Technology – BIMETAL
• Bavarian Strong Battery:
– ICS Technology – Calcium-Calcium
– ICS Technology – Lithium-Ion
– ICS Technology – START-STOP (EFB)
• Bavarian Shock Absorber System
• Bavarian Breake System
• HD Long Drive
• Ravv